Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Run?

Virtual events allow you to sign up for a race, get all the cool swag, and go at your own pace on your own time at any location in the world. Inside, outside, on a treadmill, up a mountain, wherever you decide.

What is a Run Streak?

A run streak is when you commit to running or walking for a designated amount of time or distance for consecutive days in a row.

How do I log my miles?

Logging your miles is not mandatory; however, we strongly encourage it. Every event may have a different logging method. You will receive detailed information after you sign up for an event.

When do I get my swag?

For our virtual streaking events, we mail out swag in the middle to end of the event so you have in hand by the last day of the challenge. We do offer an upgrade option to receive your t-shirt early for a fee. 

I missed a day of my Streak? Now what?

Pick yourself back up and keep on going. Life happens, don't let it stop you from finishing the challenge. Missing just one day is better than missing 10 days.

If I miss a day, do I still get my swag?

Yes. Not to get all technical or anything, but from a legal standpoint, your registration fees are for your swag. You bought it, its yours.